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Less than four months until this year's Jaxon Film Fest, pressure is mounting

Jackson's Michigan Theatre will be the site of the Jaxon Film Fest
Jaxon Film Fest

Jackson, Michigan, July 7, 2014 It’s now less than four months until the Jaxon Film Fest. In fact, it’s only three calendar months and twenty four days until the big day. The clock is ticking down. The pressure is mounting.

This will be the third year for the Jaxon Film Fest This year's theme will be Love, Redemption and Salvation.Once again–the Michigan Theatre, Jackson, Michigan will be the site for this festival. Rather it will be a full day’s celebration of film and music. The festival will run from 11:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night. A full twelve hours of film, merriment and mirth.

Marketing has been planned. Announcements for the festival will be shortly heard on radio and television. We are sending press releases out to the numerous Jackson based radio stations, and we are working hard to arrange interviews, spots, etc. It will be seen in newspapers and magazines, from Lansing south to below the Ohio/Indiana state lines, from as far west as Kalamazoo/Battle Creek to Detroit. It will also appear as it has on every film related website, bulletin board, forum, etc., etc., etc., on the internet.

Watch for announcements as we look for sponsors, volunteers, and others.

Also watch as we announce the films we have selected to appear in this festival. Again the themes will be Love, Redemption and Salvation. They will run the gamut from animation, narrative shorts, documentaries, features, etc. Filmmakers: if you have not yet gotten your films to us, we would encourage you to do so. Hurry. The deadline is quickly approaching and when it arrives, that’s it.

Tickets will be available online at and We advise you to purchase tickets early, rather than waiting.

We have a graphic artist with whom we are working. Shortly we will start distributing posters, handbills and flyers throughout Jackson and surrounding area.

Until the day of the festival we will be doing everything we can to promote this thing.

We expect to see you there. November 1 & 2, 2014, Michigan Theatre, Jackson.

If you want to lend your help as a volunteer, contact us at We are looking for special quests as well as entertainment for this event.

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