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Less Stress Travel Prep

Travel with the essentials

Now we are in the season for family trips, week-end getaways, reunions and even one day outings to a bar-be-que or beach day. Some may be spontaneous or long awaited travel plans. Whatever the case may be, we are looking forward to the event so it only makes sense to allocate time to prep for the trip little by little so we are not faced with last minute packing which leads to over stuffed luggage and still forgetting the essentials!

- Luggage: I received the best travel gift in the form of lightweight luggage with spinner mobility and expandable compartments. I can run across the airport terminals with ease and easily slip my iPad or magazines in the front compartment while I run. Actually it really does ease the load of transporting your stuff, even if it is just into the back of a taxi cab

- Packing: I pack light with all of the essentials because I do not like to run out of my everyday items. I also always pack an extra duffel or beach bag since I do like to shop for clothes and souvenirs or may need a bag to carry around. A few days before my trip, I will sit my suitcase next to my overflowing closet and place a few items I know that I will need as I see them.

- Activities: Knowing my options are important to me since I don't want to anticipate going somewhere specific and realizing that it is full, booked up or closed. Plus if done earlier, you could score a deal! I check, groupons in the area and local websites to see what events and attractions may be coming up. I have found a lot of memorable places this way. I pay for it ahead of time to save time as well.

- First Aid: In my case, I try to be prepared for the unexpected. I have been stung by jellyfish, woke up to a massive sunburn falling asleep on the beach, slid while rock climbing, etc. So I definitely bring an array of items such as aloe, bug repellent, Imodium, antibiotic ointment, etc.

Planning is part of the fun but it also prevents one from feeling harried and stressed. Happy travels!

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