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Less liberty due to massive secret acts, more debt and taxes, poorer health care

Congress deserves better
Congress deserves better
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In the U. S. Capitol building tonight a vote is scheduled in the Senate on whether or not to allow the Senate health reform bill, 2,000 pages of legalise and bureaucratese crafted in secret by the Senate leader and a few Democrats behind closed doors in under one month.

Listening to news reports last night and today, a Saturday, I have decided that most U. S. senators and representatives, known as the Congress of the United States of America, do not know how to learn from history and experience. The Republican representative Snow of Maine was surprised when her vote to proceed in the House was misused to further Democrats’ agenda. That should have been a warning to Democrats under similar arm bending pressure to just "give the bill a chance" by voting to proceed in the Senate.

The Senate today, this Saturday November 21, 2009, expects that neither Landrieu of Louisiana nor Lincoln of Arkansas has learned anything from Representative Snow’s experience in the House or from their knowledge of the character of Senate leader, Harry Reid. They were wavering, but now are on board. It so happens that hundreds of millions of dollars are set aside in the bill for Sen. Landrieu's state. Some are calling her voting decision for tonight another Louisiana Purchase. The Senator's agreement signals to many observers her willingness to allow her vote tonight to be bought.

All voting to proceed with discussion of the present Senate bill proposed excuse, thereby, many glaring problems with the current overly expensive and personally intrusive national health care wording and conditions of that bill. The Senators’ excuse? They say their votes are “only to allow discussion to go forward.”

That excuse does not reflect reality. Their “Yea” votes open wide the door to increased limits and bondage upon Americans’ liberties, overwhelming federal control, more leeway for lawyers, increased federal taxes, state taxes, and a runaway insurance industry. Furthermore, Americans will begin to pay four years before they begin to receive any benefits the bill might allow them. They will thereby always pay more than they will receive in exchange. Sound familiar?

Medicare, which will be cut under the proposed legislation now under vote, is not important enough, it seems. After all, “old people” do not “contribute” anymore. Forget about rewarding them for their contributions to America’s workforce. Forget about the respect and honor due to age. Forget about human values. Cut Medicare.

However, Medicare cuts most likely will precede Medicaid cuts. Medicaid helps old and young at risk. Medicaid helps children at risk. Forget about all of that.

These claims I now make will be denied, opposed, and argued against. However, those who desire this bill have shaky and even dark records, in some cases, regarding valuing human life.

Many Conservatives, Independents (with whom I am registered to vote), Libertarians, and Progressives continue the fight. “Wake up, America!” they are calling. I hope more people are listening so that honest and real health care reform might, one day, come to pass. It’s not happenin’ now. It's no exaggeration to say that one has to question who in Congress now is worthy of the job. Who honors the flag and American lives above their own power and authority, in secret and in public, over the American people, you, me, and our neighbors and countrymen?

Sadly, in Maryland there is no need to let one's views be known to Senators Mikulski and Cardin. They give every indication of being willing and ready to follow Democrat "leadership" anywhere, even if into higher taxes, less individual liberties, and secrecy from the beginning. Another sad day legislatively throughout Maryland and the country when a Yea vote supports a bill crafted in secret and reflecting views against those of the majority. George Washington and others started a revolution for less.

Read history. 


  • JoeBelowZero 5 years ago

    Mikulski and Cardin both voted for the Senate Health Care Bill tonight: of course no surprise. Mikulski's seat is up in 2010 and is being contested by the lead Republican candidate, Dr. Eric Wargotz. He is smart and charismatic. We need to come together as Marylanders and support him, regardless of party affiliation. Mikulski has outstayed her welcome. It is time for a change in Maryland, a change in the Senate. We in Maryland can have that change for the better by voting for and contributing to the Senatorial campaign of Reagan Republican Dr. Eric Wargotz. We deserve a Senator who will listen to their constituents and represent us on the Senate floor. We deserve better than Mikulski, the Nation deserves better. Dr Wargotz has proven leadership. Wargotz is the one to take her out with our help. JBZ

  • Crazy in Lutherville! 5 years ago

    Mikulski and Cardin refuse to even accept that there is a large percentage of their constituents who vehemently oppose this legislation. They must be voted out!