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Less Absurd than Obama: Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

This is not a spoof. CBS News is reporting today that Russian President Vladimir Putin is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Remember when President Obama was nominated for the same prize, just as he took office and hadn't succeeded in destroying the country and bankrupting the economy yet, and what a joke that truly was? It now seems much less absurd, that Putin is nominated. Remember how many frauds have won this award award, from global warming huckster Albert Gore Jr. to terrorist Yassir Arafat.

Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Photo by Marianna Massey

Pope Francis and Edward Snowden have also been nominated, among a total of 278 candidates.

A few years ago, someone nominated Rush Limbaugh for the Nobel Peace Prize. Unlike many nominated, at least Limbaugh hasn't killed anyone or engaged in any acts, or supported any acts, of terrorism. Perhaps that's precisely why he didn't win the award.

The award has little value or credibilith when completed frauds like Albert Gore Jr. and Barach Hussein Obama are among its recent winners. Just merely stealing an election for President of the United States, or making a fraudulent propaganda movie about global warming, are not qualifications for any kind of prize, except for the title of fraud artist.

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