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Leslie May and Pawsible Marketing on 2014

Leslie May, the founder of Pawsible Marketing, has been in the pet business for a long time. She has gathered information that is very helpful to those that have pets and want to care for them in the best ways possible. In order to allow the pet community to do just that, she has released her annual blog post entitled “The Top Pet Industry Trends for 2014.’

Check out for yourself where the pet industry is going.
Leslie May/Pawsible Marketing

Within the article lies a wide variety of information that is designed to help the pet community at large; pet industry manufacturers, product and service providers and even retailers. The contents lend valuable information to help there aficionados plan their business as well as contrive brand and marketing strategies for 2014 and beyond.

May has done her research about product and service related trends in the pet industry as you will soon discover. She even touches on overall trends in the industry, specific trends related to products and services and a host of pet industry marketing-oriented trends for this coming year. The information is vital and relevant to anyone interested in pets.

In 2013, there were reports that soon the pet industry would fall, but as Leslie states in her Report, ‘The pet industry, often called 'recession resistant', has thrived as baby boomers, the largest consumer group in history, have adopted pets and, for the first time, treated them as full-fledged members of the family.’ Sorry, but this does not sound as though the pet industry is going anywhere (but up?) anytime soon.

In fact, the pet industry is one of the most stable and has been all the way through the economic downturn – even while other industries have faltered and suffered. The pet industry keeps growing, surviving and thriving consistently.

Of course changes are likely to occur; shifting as the generations’ age and change, but it does not mean that the pet industry is likely to shrink or disappear at all. There is likely to be a shift in purchasing as the Baby Boomers grow older and less capable of taking on a new pet and the responsibilities that come with it. Generation X will likely set the newest trends, followed by Generation Y but this is all common in any market.

There is a one percent decline in the pet ownership of Generation Y, so we will have to pay attention to see how that works itself out in the future. Perhaps as they grow and change, so will their attitude toward dog rescue and adoption change; making them more likely to want an animal as part of their family as they continue to age.

If you think all of this is interesting, you should check out Leslie May’s full report. Go to in order to get the complete down-low on what Leslie knows and pet people need to know.

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