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Leslie County to Host Raccoon Torture Event


HYDEN, Kentucky - This Saturday, Leslie County plans to host an event known as the "Coon on a Log" race. This entails living caged raccoons, which are placed on small rafts and pulled across bodies of water while large hunting dogs try and kill the animals.

This gruesome and cruel event is sponsored by the Leslie County Sheriff's Office and causing an enormous amount of outrage. According to one spectator from last year's event, the wild raccoons looked like they were "bleeding and near death." You can view the event here.

Hunter Shaffer, head of the Global Conservation Group's Cruelty Investigation Department in New York said in a press release "The upcoming "Coon on a Log" event, which is scheduled to be held on April 12 in Leslie County is abhorrent and inhumane. We are looking at all avenues to stop this event from taking place."

Animal rights organization Global Conservation Group is encouraging the public to contact the sheriff's department and politely urge them to cancel the event. You can find their contact information below:

Sheriff Paul Howard
Phone: 606-672-2200
Fax: 606-672-4413

UPDATE: Leslie County, Kentucky went through with their plans to abuse raccoons and they're already starting to regret it.

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