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Billionaire dad offers $120 million dowry to wed daughter

Sacha Baron Cohen, is developing a film about Cecil Chao's dowry offer, with the working movie title "The Lesbian."
Sacha Baron Cohen, is developing a film about Cecil Chao's dowry offer, with the working movie title "The Lesbian."

Father of the year, Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao, 76, is at it again. Chao is now offering a $120 million dowry to any man willing to woo and wed his 33-year-old daughter. One catch, his daughter is openly gay and has a same-sex civil partner.

According to the Jan. 24, report by UPI, Chao doubled the dowry from the original $60 million offer. He received responses from 20,000 potential sons-in-law. Chao's decision to raise the stakes on the dowry offer, is a reaction to his daughter's decision to elope with her long-time girlfriend.

Chao appears hell-bent on marrying off his only daughter, and completely disregarding her proclivity for a same-sex partner. Meanwhile, Chao fancies himself as a world class "playboy" akin to Hugh Hefner. He claims sex with upwards of 10,000 women and has no personal interest in marriage for himself.

Chao told the Financial Times, “Every day you can date one, two, three or four women. I have many good friends. We share our life, not just limiting to one person. I like to live a free and happy life.” Chao claims that he doe's want his daughter to be happy, but he also wants grandchildren.

Reportedly Chao's daughter Gigi, is turning away the men solicited by her father. Gigi Chao told the South China Morning Post, "First of all, I'm concerned about his use of the word 'dowry' in an Asian country, as it is well known that dowry deaths are a human rights concern."

She also said, "I don't think my dad's offering of any amount of money would be able to attract a man I would find attractive." Chao ended her interview on a positive note, "Third and lastly, thank you Daddy, I love you too," she said.

Perhaps Mr. Chao should consider donating the $120 million dowry to children's charities​ worldwide, making him the "honorary" grandfather to millions of needy children.

Hollywood has come knocking for Chao. The dowry offer is now the subject of a Hollywood film being developed by comedic actor Sacha Baron Cohen, with the working movie title "The Lesbian."

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