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Les Paul dies at age 94


Les Paul, the innovative recording musician and inventor of the Gibson Les Paul, died today on August 13th, 2009, at age 94.

An inspiration to many, Les Paul was born Lester William Polfuss in Waukesha, Wisconson, on June 9th of 1915. He was a part of the Les Paul Trio, and worked with many extraordinary musicians, including Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Jim Atkins, and Ernie Newton, among many others. His most famous songs were those with his wife Mary Ford, including ‘Bye Bye Blues’ and ‘Vaya Con Dios’. He is considered a great innovator in recording technology, and was the first to use multi-tracking in recording.

Among his many achievements, Les Paul was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the National Inventors Hall of Fame, and the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame. There was also an award named the Les Paul Award, for great achievements of audio recording, given by the Mix Foundation.

His contributions to modern music are incalculable, and he will be missed.

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