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Lera Lynn releases brand new video: “Lying in the Sun”

Lera Lynn: "Lying in the Sun"
Lera Lynn: "Lying in the Sun"
Courtesy Lera Lynn Music

Lera Lynn is in a category all her own. The lush twang of her music tenderly embraces her sublimely emotive and haunting vocals to create a fascinating world akin to that alluring twilight found only at the crossroads just before falling asleep or being fully awake. She possesses a mystical grace that shimmers with the warm glow of intrigue — a hint that there is something beyond experience and talent fueling her music. And, perhaps nowhere are these traits more evident than in her latest video, “Lying in the Sun.”

“The video started as a conversation with my producer, Joshua Grange,” Lera began. “We wanted to make a simple music video and we were brainstorming ways to use slow-motion. I tried to hire my usual band to star in the video, but schedules weren't lining up, so I decided to try a slightly different approach. I took the idea to my director, Bill Filipiak (Don Williams, Sara Jarosz, The Steep Canyon Rangers), and he totally understood the vision and helped hone it with the slow, almost no-reveal.”

Lera’s performance is nothing short of captivating. She draws her audience in with a compelling vulnerability, then holds their attention with an understated confidence. Throughout the video there is a vintage air that would seem to suggest that she was channeling a legendary great like Johnny Cash, but such was not the case, at all.

“I wasn’t really channeling anyone,” she informed. “Maybe just different parts of myself, I suppose, and what I see as the typical personality types of different musicians.”

For her look in “Lying in the Sun,” Lera introduces a refined elegance to a more traditional, rustic flavor and the results are quite stunning. And, to the delight of her fans, the artist doesn’t limit her flair to just one outfit. By the end of the video, Lera has deftly portrayed a number of distinctive characters/personas by utilizing only two powerful tools: subtle changes in body language and fashion.

“I had to go through eight costume changes! Oh, my life is so hard,” she jokingly lamented. “It was tough to try and look a little different with each, but it was totally fun!”

“Lying in the Sun” is an engrossing work that melds a sophisticated and stylized nostalgia with a soft, arcane haze to create a mesmerizingly beautiful world where a dream band comprised of peerless talent can gently groove to a sweet molasses of spilled emotion.

“This is just the first of several videos for the Lying in The Sun EP,” Lera promised. “There are more to come!”

Watch the video here, and connect with Lera Lynn via: her website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or iTunes. And keep an eye out for her upcoming feature in Songwriter’s Monthly!

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