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Lepow Moonstone 6000: Review

Lepow Moonstone 6000
Lepow Moonstone 6000

Lepow was founded in 2011 and is a developer, manufacturer and a marketer of fun, fresh and differently done accessories for your mobile devices. They take the bland and the overdone, give them a perky face lift and present them to the world. So far, their thoughtful ingenuity has gotten them a prestigious reddot design award.

Up for your perusal is the Lepow Moonstone 6000: Power Bank Series, in red. This thing is sexy. It's a beautiful red that you want to take a bite out of, because it is so delicious-looking and has 360 degree rounded edges. It's very light weight and easily portable. It comes in environmentally friendly packaging (to include a grey flannel pack), has 4 LED lights and two, 2.1A power outputs (ports), complete with two different charging speeds. This allows you to charge a larger device at a faster speed than you would a concurrently charging smaller item.

The Moonstone also comes with a small, USB drive, a few toys in the bottom of the box, for our inner child, another package/bag to contain your charger (a nice, grey one) and a white USB cord. It's just a delightful package, really! We are nuts for the color red. However, you can also get the Moon Stone in Apple Green, Pearl White, Sunflower Yellow or Glossy Black.

We just love it. It's small, easy to use, intuitive and fresh and by the way, you too can have one for just $15.99 if you act quickly. The Moonstone 6000mAh (Apple Green color) is currently on sale @ Use a coupon. Get an Apple Green Moonstone!

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