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Leopard attack: Injuries and hostages involved in prowling leopard crisis

A leopard attack in Meerut, India has left the village spinning. On Sunday the large cat was seen prowling around Meerut with no fear of people whatsoever. WebPro News reports Feb. 26 that the leopard managed to make its way into a hospital on Tuesday. It was cornered by local forest officials in an attempt to capture it, but the cat cleverly escaped. It retreated into the forest with no one knowing exactly where it is now.

Businesses and schools in the village shut down. The leopard is believed to be responsible for multiple injuries with one being a policeman who had a gash on his shoulder.

Locals in Meerut were said to be excited and curious about the leopard that decided to pay a visit to Meerut. Since there was no report of a leopard attack or additional sightings, businesses and schools were open again.

Officials in India do not feel that the leopard is of further threat since it left. No one is forgetting the horrific death of a five-year-old boy who was killed by a leopard in Ratanpur a few days ago. The village took no chances that a similar tragedy could happen there.

It is unknown why this cat was drawn to Meerut. If the population of people in India is spreading, then wildlife territory is getting further invaded. Luckily there was not a fatal leopard attack in this story. At least officials did not set out to kill the wild animal and gave it a chance to leave town!

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