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Leopard attack: Huge cat held city at bay closing everything down, now gone

Leopard attack: City back to normal after leopard on the loose injured seven.
Leopard attack: City back to normal after leopard on the loose injured seven.
Wikimedia Commons

The leopard attack that closed schools and businesses in the city of Meeruf, India this week looks to be over with, report officials. The leopard that had injured seven people and roamed wild on the streets looks to have gone back into the wild, so the city is reopened for business as usual.

According to Web Pro News on Feb. 26, officials reopened schools and businesses in the town only after painstakingly searching nooks and crannies throughout the city for any sign of the leopard. This crafty beast was able to elude capture several times while roaming the streets.

The leopard jumped out of a hospital window when it was cornered over the weekend. This cat was in the cinema, hospital and a lumber store, as it went just about anywhere it pleased, making this one dangerous situation.

While officials closed down the city during the time the leopard was on the loose, folks came out in droves as their curiosity to see the big cat up close got the best of them. One policeman assisting in one of the attempted captured was clawed on his shoulder by the huge cat.

While it is not known for sure where the leopard actually went, it has been two days without any sighting of the predator and a thorough search of the city turned up no sign of the cat. This was enough for officials to reopen the city today.

A five-year-old boy was mauled to death by a leopard last week in his Indian village, so the people of India are all too acquainted with the cat's dangers. The leopard in Meerut is just one of the latest incidents of leopards or tigers wandering into populated areas. As people take up more of the wild cats' habitat with building, the beasts wander among civilization looking for food.

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