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Leonardo DiCaprio's brother arrested: Adam Farrar taken in on multiple charges

Leonardo DiCaprio's brother, Adam Farrar, was arrested on Jan. 28. The charges aimed at the 43-year old?

Leonardo DiCaprio's brother arrested after going missing
Mug Shot

According to the Daily Mail via Radar Online, DiCaprio's oldest sibling was said to be taken in by law enforcement in Texas on "two Class A Misdemeanors...for possession of a dangerous drug and theft."

This situation allegedly occurred on Friday in Collin County and the charges allegedly stemmed from warrants originally earned in Los Angeles.

By way of background, Leonardo DiCaprio had been worried about his brother who had gone missing before an entire month before being arrested. Additionally, Farrar has a girlfriend named Charity Moore who was caught by police about a week prior to his arrest.

According to Moore's Collin County Jail arrest record, the 38-year-old Farrar is facing two counts of possession of a dangerous drug, theft and a misdemeanor involving "a parent contributing to the child's failure to attend school."

Between the two of these American citizens, prison time could mount up given the severeness of the charges. And so, as Leonardo DiCaprio's brother was arrested in Texas along with his girlfriend, the pair are allegedly still being held at a Lone Star State correctional facility.

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