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Leonardo DiCaprio counts us down to the end



In the months following An Inconvenient Truth's Oscar win for Best Documentary in 2006, another well-constructed film, The 11th Hour, was released that attracted far less fanfare.

Of course, at the time, Al Gore, the filmmaker of An Inconvenient Truth, was being courted to run for president of the country most responsible for global warming. Leonardo DiCaprio, narrator of The 11th Hour, was merely looking to keep up his box office momentum after starring in Blood Diamond and The Departed.

Or so the global warming skeptics would have you believe. But The 11th Hour carries no less important a message than Vice-President Gore's film, and it shouldn't be overlooked because of its less optimistic tone. Many things have jockeyed for center stage since the climate change debate was in that position two years ago, but one thing is for sure - the earth hasn't gotten any cooler since then.

So, if you're feeling socially responsible and appreciate actors and artists who are as well, The 11th Hour is worth your while. Especially nice about watching it at home is that you get the DVD extras, including information about practical steps you can take to help address climate change.

Photo credit: Leonardo DiCaprio Official Website


  • Mary 5 years ago

    The 11th Hour is a wonderful film. It is thought provoking with scientific data and top scientists and environmentalists weighing in on the issues. It covers much more than An Inconvient Truth.
    Mr. DiCaprio has made a film he can be proud of. It is studied at my school and at area high schools and universities.
    Thank you to all those involved in this film.