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“Leonardo Da Vinci, a Man Ahead of His Time”- Venetian Resort

Da Vinci, The Exhibition brings views of the many sides of the man.
Known as a great artist, Leonardo was much more.

Da Vinci, The Exhibition brings views of the many sides of the man.
Known as a great artist, Leonardo was much more.
(Photo by Sandy Zimmerman)

This exhibition’s surprising behind-the-scenes look at Leonardo touches on his talents and creativity.

Leonardo’s work comes alive with 65 fully built, life-size inventions, 20 fine art paintings, videos, sketches and dozens of displays.

Tom Zaller, President & CEO, Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., explained, “This exhibition amazes visitors.

One room features a car, attributed as one of the first automobiles. Not the way we think of automobiles today, but the first automated vehicle with gears. It’s self-propelled gears moved scenery across the stage. He loved to play with gears.

Another room shows Leonardo’s musical inventions. His drum was a weapon. He developed the drum as an instrument soldiers tapped in the battlefield to sound as though they had more troops. When the gears spun, they tapped the drum. You can pick-up the drum at the exhibition.

Leonardo studied music, optics and so many things. In the music room we talk about the type of piano he invented, a double flute so you get multiple tones.

One of the Wow’s was the Last Supper. We could not bring the Last Supper painting to Las Vegas because it is a fresco on the wall of a church. We created a replica the exact size, almost 30 feet wide by 15 feet high. We can bring you as close as possible.

Leonardo’s paintings at the exhibition include the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Portrait of a Young Man, Virgin of the Rocks and St. John the Baptist. All of the paintings are actual size.

There are many stories about Mona Lisa and her smile. Why has this painting become so famous? Thieves stole the Mona Lisa painting multiple times and it even hung in Napoleon’s bathroom. Leonardo kept her picture for years. The painting is on display at the Louvre, in Paris. Visitors must stand 10 feet away behind a railing. They cannot stand close like here at Da Vinci Exhibitions.

This is the way to see art, hands-on and close-up. When you usually visit an art museum, the information says the artist’s name, work, and material. They expect you to know everything already. At the Imagine Exhibitions, all the information is here. You learn every nuance of Leonardo da Vinci.

Each of the seven rooms tells different stories. There is one large gallery for his art work.”

Leonardo Da Vinci, The Exhibition appears in the Imagine Exhibitions Gallery at the Venetian Resort. Open: Sunday to Saturday at 9:30 a.m. The Venetian Resort.

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