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Leonard Peltier, planet Earth, and the meaning of life.

Please listen to this video interview with Leonard Peltier and Amy Goodman.

It is now a year later, A good man, a leader among his people still suffers without good cause ... do what you can: write, blog, tweet, send money for lawyers. Thank you. All human beings have certain unalienable rights, and our American Constitution guarantees it. Has to mean something.

As much as I appreciate the truth in Leonard Peltier's personal story, it is much bigger than one man. Native Americans, and other indigenous around the planet, including Mexican Americans, & forcibly transplanted African Americans, have yet to have their 'day in court,' yet the 'civilized' nations around the world talk of their laws, great democracies, their decency and great religions.

Time to walk that talk, if not now soon, or fade into the pages of some real nasty history that none were held accountable for, or are being held accountable for, up to and including Iraq, Afghanistan,and that many, many still profit from!

It is wrong, and the whole planet; all the people who care about a healthy Earth and people, with equal justice under the law, and basic common human rights, are still suffering.

In Leonard's own words;

It is the way of our Native people that we should not take more than we need. It is in the teachings of the Christians, it is in the teaching of the Muslims, and of the Buddhists. It is a basic, fundamental teaching of all the major approaches to spirituality throughout the world that we do not take more than we need. It is also a teaching of my people that when you take from the Earth you must give back something back in return. Mankind has built up a great debt to the Earth, and a great debt to Nature and whether we like it or not or recognize it or not, that debt will be repaid one way or another.

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