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Leonard actualize for Spurs in game 3 of NBA Finals

Did the Spurs ever come out slinging in game 3, yes in fact they did and it was led by Kawhi Leonard. From the looks of things, in their humiliating beat down of the Miami Heat last night and with Leonard single handily taking the game over in the first quarter to last, one can almost re-assume that despite what James did in game two to steal a game at the AT&T arena in San Antoine; the Spurs are back just where they would like to be, ahead in the series. Leonard put on a show last night, assisted by Danny Green and much of the supporting cast of the Spurs to shut the entire Miami Heat arena out, leaving fans with no option but to leave the game early. It is the NBA Finals and the Heat where just out hustled and played in game 3.

Leonard shows up in game 3 of Finals
Leonard shows up in game 3 of Finals
Leonard shows up to play

What happened, or what should one ask, what didn’t happen, turnovers, mixed layups, open shot, too much defense from the Spurs, and a lack of tenacity and urgency from the Miami Heat, pretty much sums up what happened in game 3. At one of the game in the fourth quarter, down by 13, 15, and 16 points, the thought almost ran across one mind that the Heat could make a run and comeback but there seemed to be no pep in their steps. They just simply could not catch a break or earn themselves one. Comfort and success sometimes make an individual complacent in life, and with two finals under their belt, San Antoine Spurs just looks and is playing much harder than the Heat to get their first title in almost 5 years. Game 4 is Thursday, what Heat team will see show up to play?