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Leon Panetta applauds Gowdy's Benghazi probe committee

In the midst of Democrats lambasting the GOP-led House of Representatives’ creation of a select committee to conduct a full and far reaching investigation of the deadly and devastating terrorist attack on a US diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012, while giving a lecture on Monday, President Barack Obama’s former CIA chief actually broke ranks and said he endorsed the committee’s creation and complimented the committee’s chairman, Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy.

Much to the surprise of Democrats and their media allies, former Clinton and Obama official Leon Panetta broke ranks with his political party.
Lee Wong/Getty Images

During a panel discussion held at the Panetta Institute in California, the former Central Intelligence Agency director Leon Panetta said he supported this latest congressional probe. In addition, former Deputy Director Michael Morell, who became embroiled in the controversy surrounding the Benghazi talking points formulation for the Obama Administration, said he welcomed the new select committee.

“Say what you will about Panetta, he worked for two of the most deceptive administrations in history, Bill Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s. He knows full well that Bill, Hillary and Barack are political animals who will stop at nothing to garner praise and adulation,” said former intelligence officer and police detective Sidney Franes.

“That includes lying to mourning family members during a funeral service,” he added.

According to Gowdy and other lawmakers, the Obama White House attempted to scapegoat CIA intelligence personnel on behalf of President Obama, who was facing a November re-election date with American voters.

While Republicans fended off harsh accusations of politicizing a tragedy and faced even harder attempts at gathering documents and testimony from uncooperative Obama minions, it was the nonprofit, watchdog Judicial Watch, that discovered White House “smoking gun” emails. The one that received the most attention was a memorandum from a deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes sent to then Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice that revealed just how far the administration went to cover up the terrorist attack, according to an Examiner news story.

Although prevented by law from speaking publicly, many members of the US intelligence community say they want to distance themselves -- and their work of protecting the nation and the American people against terrorism -- from the Obama minions and political hacks who pushed the “video protest” angle, which included the arrest of an obscure filmmaker who produced a film that was viewed as blasphemous by many Muslims worldwide.

Leon Panetta gave his blessings to Gowdy’s select committee and said that Gowdy’s panel must reveal the complete story of what occurred before, during and after the Benghazi Islamist attack that left four American’s dead including US Ambassador Chris Stevens. “The problem has been [that] sometimes bits and pieces of information keep coming out that raise more questions,” he told reporters at his institute.

Some of the questions that continue to meet an Obama White House and State Department stonewall, according to several observers, include: where were President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the bloody attack? Who is actually responsible for failing to launch a rescue operation? Why did Clinton and Obama blame the video for the death of Americans when they were supposedly consoling the families and relatives of the deceased?

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