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Leo relationship and compatibility guide

Astrology symbol of Leo

Relationships are indispensable to a person’s happiness. Looking for a stable and loving relationship is sometimes hard to find in Great Falls.

Learning the personality traits of each Astrological sign and compatibility with other signs will be most helpful in your search and in your personal relationships.

Leo (July 23 to Aug 23)
Is fire sign and most compatible with fellow fire signs of Aries, Sagittarius and air signs of Gemini and Libra.

Leo and Aries
The signs of Leo and Aries are both leaders, have egos and an aggressive temperament. Both signs are extrovert, warm vibrant and outgoing.

Leo will appreciate the aggressive drive of Aries, and the Aries personality will not be overwhelmed by the power of Leo.

Leo and Sagittarius
Both Leo and Sagittarius like freedom, meeting new people, and adventure. Both like to entertain and amuse others.

The Sagittarius personality will inspire the Leo personality. This is a perfect connection.

Leo and Gemini
Leo and Gemini make an affectionate paring, excellent long-term relationships and really enjoy each other. Leo loves from the heart, Gemini loves from the mind.

Leo is forgiving, and Gemini has a way with words, any disagreements should be settled immediately.

Leo and Libra
Both Leo and Libra satisfy the needs and desires of each other. Leo will be the dominant one in this relationship. Leo will bring sensitivity to the relationship, while Libra will bring the emotion.

According to Mike a Leo, whose wife Beth is a Gemini, “Life with Beth is all about talk, talk, talk and she changes her mind every minute.”

Lisa a Leo, and not currently in a relationship states, “This information makes me think back to past relationships and why they didn’t work out.”

Where to find friends and develop relationships in Great Falls
Volunteer at the Great Falls Animal Shelter, 406-454-2276

Sporting events, Montana Expopark 727-1481

Skiing, Showdown, 406-236-5522

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