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Leo Allaticus, the first modern writer to write about vampires

Leo Allaticus is known as the first possible modern write to write about vampires. In 1645, Allaticus was said to have written the first methodical discussions that dealt about vampires. Allaticus was a Greek scholar, theologian, the keeper of the Vatican library, and was also a trained physician.

Before we got into anymore detail it's interesting to note that Allaticus was born in Chicos, Greek in 1586 and he died in Padua, Italy in 1669. He didn't just dedicate his life to vampire research, but he did take some time to write about them.

Well Allaticus wrote about these vampires in his book "On Certain Modern Opinions Among the Greeks." In this book he covered Greek traditions about vampires, he wrote about the church and their views about vampires, he used the name vrykolakas, and described in great detail what they were and how to destroy them. Allaticus then even shared his own views on vampires and that he did belief that they existed. In the town that he was born in Chicos, he stated in his book that there were many reports of vampires roaming in the area. It may sound strange that someone with this much knowledge believed in vampires, but scientific were different back (or did he really see a vampire?).

His book was said to have helped connect Greece and Vampires from what we know now. His works are generally accepted as the first published, though sure there could be someone else, but Allaticus works are nevertheless important. He shares his research and his own views in a scholarly way. It may sound foolish to write about vampires in a scholarly way, but writing about it shows the views of different cultures.

So Leo Allaticus is known as the first possible modern writer that wrote a book about vampires. A name that fans of vampire folklore, movies, and literature will want to remember.


"The Complete Idiots Guide To Vampires" by Jay Stevenson

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