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Lenten Promises

Currently, the Christian Church is plugging along in the 40 days known as Lent. This marks the dark period between Mardi Gras and Easter celebrations. Officially, this is mean to be a time of reflection and sacrifice. It should be seen as a call for every Christian to thank Jesus in a unique way.

Take Away? What about giving more?

So, deciding to “do” something for Lent has been accomplished. Instead of giving up something, why not give more? While stopping your trips to Krispie Kreme on Hwy 100, or skipping out on Baskin Robbins in ‘Tosa are adequate ideas for the Lenten season, why not try something different? While sacrificing sweets is a nice thought perhaps it is more prudent to give something more of yourself: like your time, or your money… both are wonderful options to explore this season.

Alternative Sacrifices

A great way to celebrate Lent is to do something to give back. One option is to volunteer your time. A couple of helpful suggestions follow. One place that can always use more willing souls is St. Benedict’s in Milwaukee, especially there soup kitchen (please check out the following link: Another great way to help out the battered and abused women of Milwaukee is by checking out the Sojourner Truth House (please check out the following link: If neithe of these are your cup of tea, there is always your local YMCA, they are always looking for mentors (please, check out the following link:
If these still do not seem like the right way to give back you can do things in the community. For example, shoveling someone’s driveway, who is not able to do so themselves. Another very touching Lenten promise is to get to know someone in the neighborhood whom is lonely. Perhaps this person is elderly, and stuck inside most of the time. Take over a deck of cards, or a homemade pie. Creating memories for someone who does not have those type of experiences often will stay with them for a long time.

Pocket Change

With today’s economy as it is everyone is visibly tightening their belts. While this is understandable it is essential to remember that people still need help. One way to give back to the community is to collect pocket change over the Lenten season, and donate it to one of the aforementioned charities, or another close to the heart. This is especially important in the current economic climate.



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