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Lenten meditations: Wednesday, April 2

Columbia Biblical Studies: Wednesday, April 2
Columbia Biblical Studies: Wednesday, April 2
George Hodan

As we continue our journey through Lent, Christians throughout Columbia will be sharing their own beautifully written ‘letters from the heart.’ Each will be accompanied by corresponding relevant scripture verse(s), and linked to sources for further study. If you would like to join us on Columbia’s Lenten journey, please send us your ‘letter from the heart’ by email. Especially meaningful submissions will be printed. Let us continue our Lenten journey of repentance, meditation, and anticipation day-by-day, to its glorious culmination on Easter morning.


Today’s scripture reading is from the Gospel of Mark 9:14-29.

Lent is a time for us to reflect on our faith. The fruits of the spirit can help you every day throughout your life. This passage made me think about the fruits of the spirit. The father of a sickly boy went to the disciples and asked them to heal his son because he couldn’t talk. The disciples said that they could not cast out the spirit that made him unable to speak. So the father went to Jesus and told him what had happened. Although Jesus thought that the father had very little hope and faith in the boy’s healing, Jesus did not give up on him. Jesus teaches us the right way to do things. Therefore, we should not give up on people, but teach them.

Also in this passage I realized the importance of prayer in healing. You should pray directly to God, instead of going through many tunnels that rarely lead to God. Many people try to get attention for their hard time by telling everyone. You should tell the people you feel should know, but remember God is always there, and He is the one who can heal you.

Jesus told the father that he needed to believe in the power of healing. The father cried out with his true heart and said, “I believe; help my unbelief!” Jesus then told the spirit troubling the boy to come out

Ruth Dibble

Hand Middle School, Grade 6

Columbia, South Carolina

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