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Lenten meditations: Saturday, March 29

Columbia Biblical Studies: Saturday, March 29
Columbia Biblical Studies: Saturday, March 29
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As we continue our journey through Lent, Christians throughout Columbia will be sharing their own beautifully written ‘letters from the heart.’ Each will be accompanied by corresponding relevant scripture verse(s), and linked to sources for further study. If you would like to join us on Columbia’s Lenten journey, please send us your ‘letter from the heart’ by email. Especially meaningful submissions will be printed. Let us continue our Lenten journey of repentance, meditation, and anticipation day-by-day, to its glorious culmination on Easter morning.


Today’s scripture reading is from the Gospel of Mark 8:1-10.

When I think of Jesus feeding the five thousand, I give thanks. I know that this was a miracle. Jesus was strong even though He spent three days with five thousand people who were hungry and had nothing to eat. Jesus cared about these people and asked His disciples if they had any food to feed the hungry people. The disciples were worried because they were in an isolated place where they could not get bread to feed this many people.

Jesus asked His disciples what they had to eat, and they said they had seven loaves of bread and some small fish. Jesus made a miracle by blessing the bread and the fish. After He told His people to sit down on the ground, Jesus gave everyone enough bread and fish so that they were not hungry. Jesus had a lot of compassion for these people.

In this chapter, Jesus teaches me to use perseverance when things seem impossible, show caring and friendship toward others, and when I have a problem to be creative to solve it. Jesus is one of my role models. I hope that I grow up to be as kind and compassionate as Him.

Riley Hutchison

Grade 4

Columbia, South Carolina

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