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Lenten Journey around Dallas

Cross at sunset
Cross at sunset
Ian Britton

Lent began last Wednesday as Christians all over the world accepted the mark of the cross on their foreheads in ashes. Lent continues until Easter, reminding us all to spiritually clean house before the coming of the King. While there are many ways to observe the Lenten season, including fasting, one observance is to engage more specifically in the spiritual disciplines.

Spiritual Ministries Institute has created a meditation experience for the season of Lent. The Lenten Journey is held in churches across Dallas and Fort Worth, throughout the 40 days of Lent.

The Seven Last Words of Christ from the cross are the basis of this self-directed prayer experience. Lenten Journey meditations focus on Jesus' sacrifice and struggle that led to his resurrection and our salvation. It is set up as a come and go experience. Small meditation centers, each one with a scripture, an experiential element such as music or a candle to light and something on which to reflect on, pray or journal, have been created at each location.

There are seven locations, each with a unique date and time. The first of the Lenten Journeys to be offered is next week.