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This Lent: seek God for the city 2014

Prayers of Biblbical Hope
Prayers of Biblbical Hope

Once again during Lent this year from March 5th to April 13th, Way Makers is challenging Christians all over America to pray and fast for their cities for forty days. Their initiative,"Seek God for the City," and their logo, Hope different, Pray different, expresses their deep commitment to pray with purpose while utilizing fasting to make a difference in our country. Many materials on practical and powerful ways to pray are available on their web-site for a nominal fee. Their book, Seek God for the City 2014 helps to mobilize many to pray with united, sustained vision for people of your community. The prayers in this prayer guide are biblically grounded and easy to pray. Pastors, mission leaders and positioned prayer leaders can call for a complimentary review copy. You can call them at (800) 264-5214 or (512) 419-7729.

There is also and an app available on their web-site (for .99) that makes it possible to help many to keep prayers rolling in the midst of busy lifestyles and schedules. Guides for prayer walking, how and what to pray, prayer-care-share and tools to help prayer walkers are also available.

What is prayer walking? Prayer walking is simply praying for neighborhoods, people and areas while you’re walking by, usually with only one or two other people,but remaining low-profile. Prayer walkers usually become aware of the needs of an area by walking through it and seeing what’s going on there.

If you what more information about how and what to pray then click on the link to Pray, which will lead you to an explanation of praying with purpose. Another available resource for Seek God for the City 2014 is FreshPrayer, a free, single-page prayer guide, designed to help you find clear, relevant ways to pray from specific scriptures for particular needs and concerns of people who are far from Christ. Each issue has a leaders’ guide to help equip prayer gatherings to be biblically grounded and focused.

We all need to pray more, but our time is limited so check out these resources to pray more effectively for your town or city.Pray with authority, pray God's word and pray for the needs of your community, city and nation. With prayer "all things are possible."

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