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Lent is like the Packer off-season: a good time to reflect


Pastor Jim with Bart Starr at the Packer Hall of Fame





Lent: The Christian’s “Off Season”

With Ash Wednesday on February 17 Christianity worldwide enters the Lenten season. Lent is anything but a time of dormancy, just as the Green Bay Packers are anything but dormant during their off season.

For Christians this is a time of quiet introspection. For Packer management, coaches, and players, this is a generally quiet time of self-evaluation.

Christians pause to recognize their “humanness” – the ways in which they do not yet quite “measure up,” despite being created in God’s image. The Pack pauses to recognize its own limitations. Both vow to shore up their weaknesses.

Green Bay Christians would do well to evaluate their personal strengths and weaknesses. Recruiting additional cheerleaders is seldom enough. Recognizing the frozen tundra of their personalities that intimidates others could be a good starting point. Simply waiting for God to intervene would be akin to the Packers making no off-season changes whatsoever and then cancelling training camp as everyone simply awaits the start of the 2010 season.

Bart Starr didn’t rest on his laurels. (Max McGee was somewhat a different story.) Neither should Christians. Lent is a time to regain momentum, replace bad habits and recruit added strength.

Go Pack!