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Lenovo profits on the rise

Lenovo, the world's largest PC maker recently reported a fourth quarter leap in laptop sales by sixteen percent, or $4.8 billion. The nearly $5 billion accounts for more than half of the company revenue as a whole. During the fourth quarter, the company's laptop shipments also rose by a 12.9 percent compared to the industry average 5.8 percent downwards.

Lenovo passes HP as the world's largest PC maker last year, HP posting a significant loss of profit during the same quarter as Lenovo's increased.

Not only does Lenovo have great sales on its PCs and Laptops, but on its smartphones as well. Smartphone shipments rose by over 59 percent as did their tablet shipments of over 9 million.

Overall, Lenovo's line of phones, tablets, and smart TVs outsold itself from quarter four of last year by $1.3 billion. This also marks the fourth quarter in a row in which Lenovo has sold more smartphones and tablets than PCs.

Though the numbers are impressive, Lenovo will still have a long way to go before it really dominates the tablet and smartphone market. Its main competition is in Apple and Samsung, who seem not to be going anywhere with the popularity of the ipad and the recent release of the Galaxy 5.

How this pans out is to be seen, though in the world of tech giants, the future seems bright and with enough RAM for everyone.

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