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Lenovo compact keyboard & mouse remote

The best remote keyboard mouse combo on the market
The best remote keyboard mouse combo on the market

The Lenovo remote mouse & keyboard combo is excellent for when you are on the go. Being the most compact and functional tool on the market makes it excellent for travel and for when space is restricted. The well-designed keyboard with its beveled keys may be too small for some but it is the best compact you will find. A scroll ball is built into the remote making it even more versatile. A reported weight of four and a half ounces makes it almost unnoticeable when added to your computer case.

The Lenovo is also excellent for presentations. The reported control distance of 32 feet makes it ideal for presentations. Even better yet the tested performance returned a much further distance of 55 feet ideal for auditorium presentations. Setup time is near effortless as you merely plug-in the usb transmitter and put in 2 AAA batteries and it immediately sends input to your computer.

If you need a compact versatile keyboard mouse setup the Lenovo is for you. It sells at a mere $39 making it a very worthwhile investment.