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Lennon’s killer denied parole

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According to an August 23 article on; Mark David Chapman has been denied parole. Chapman was convicted of killing Beatle John Lennon in December 1980 outside of his apartment. It was the 8th time Chapman has been denied parole.

According to Fox News; Chapman shot Lennon 4 times in front of his wife and others. He said, even though Lennon was kind to him in autographing some memorabilia; he still felt “compelled” to kill him.

What does the Bible say about forgiveness? It says that we are to forgive. That’s all! There is no qualifier. There is no rule; no grid that tells you what is required. Just like there is no big sin and little sin; there is no big and little forgiveness. In fact, it is safe to say that the Bible asks as much from the one who is forgiving as it does from the one asking for forgiveness.

In order to best understand the importance Christ puts on forgiveness: look at the book of Matthew Chapter 5. In it, Jesus put the need for asking for or granting forgiveness ahead of giving of your time and treasure. (5:22-24)

85 Chicagoans, all born in the 1960’s; were asked about Mark Chapman. Less than half of those polled (25) felt that the parole board made the right decision. Half of those polled felt that celebrity (Lennon’s) had an impact on the decision.

34 years after being murdered, the legend of John Lennon still lives. His passion for peace and love made him greater than his music. But Biblically, forgiveness knows no name and its reach seemingly has no bounds. Should Chapman be forgiven and released? Would John Lennon have wanted him to be granted parole?