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'Lennon Naked' ~ A Day 'Felt Like A Dream'

A gentle tone began a BBC film which ends at the departure of John & Yoko for America."We've only just heard, and it's hard to say," said John of his good music manager's death, only some few years before. The chosen departure of Robin Williams to the land of What Dreams May Come, some persons who denied a way to express gratitude & love to those who they admire take things like this harder than others. Hiding inside of the very walls of coldness help to calm. But a soul of emotion whose passion has a kind of love affair for those who nearly seem to almost arrive here from a dimension unknown to all of the mostly common others, some intelligence has more sensitivity than others, more pain at a time of loss, and sometimes pain whose miracle comes on as stages of the dispension of as if grace to others. Thus the identification of the Messiah Complex by actor Russell Brand, had as a serious note on that offering plate, a very real meaning for John Lennon, who likely felt the flow of the kind of Jesus river some know at other times and places authentically, and since you are not God either, none of us may ever really know why or what the purpose of the greater being for that. And even and unless already that story played out for us already, as something akin to what even John Lennon himself might had even said, as it almost as if sometimes you may still hear him talking, he may had said that of all of the things which happened during his life. The songs he later wrote on his own solo & with Yoko Ono, more than implied a great spirit of the universe intended for the instruction of others to live your life not just as if. But knowing that your moments are yours, and to breathe a breath of that important intent of love for yourself and others, seriously considering your actions and that you reap what you materially make & create for others which either lovely or ugly. As even the band Pink Floyd had enough spiritial knowledge to fill a cathedral of churches, even those Englanders raised upon the philosophical proven karma, or that boomerang of that what you physically steal or take from others which you may have a reasonable belief to cause another innocent human being harm, you did not and you are not now getting away with it, for truly you will know such meaning to experience such pain someday. This philosophy which began to change the life of John for the better and Yoko's whole life made a cessation of after pointing out the flaw of the selfish flesh of people to justify evil doings as just human nature. After people refuse to give in and cease from being unkind or cruel or who use the ploy of pretending they never caused another human being such damage, as both one symbol of injustice suffered and as even Eric Clapton once pointed out in one of his songs, separation away from a life and such people of strife and evil often means a better life elsewhere. i.e. Sadly though, being pushed out of your home an even more cruel measure of the act, if you can imagine, as the film illustrated, after John & Yoko boarded a plane to escape such persecution, the trouble faced after coming to America the peaceful couple made only those cessional actions which would show the love and kindness for the restoration of others likely greater than any revival of the present century here. Taking the ocean of least resistance, John & Yoko neither did not harm or remove or take over the belongings or homes or children or things or life purpose of others away to form a different life for themselves.

I've got an island with a gypsy caravan on it. "We don't need it John. This is our island. This is our oasis." All coloured feathers at various and sundry moments as drift down as a way of comfort, a billion white balloons released by John & Yoko at the t
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~ The Beatles who somehow just did live on the spontaneous moment "Dear dad, Freddie, Al Jolson whatever. Thank you for the letter. I'm sitting down now." After his own father, or so a story seemed, abandoned him at a young age, real details as to why, the schemata for John not always known. As John did say though, just because the other fellow is dead, people expect you to know how to feel. Lennon took his dad back to his new home, the dishwasher and the mansion. "But where you live is a maze," complained his father.There's not a boozer around for miles." His dad who he just found after all those years now wants to move out again for a nineteen-year old girl, and John feels rejected again. What we're looking for is a primal ~ "You want abandon." "Not me John, you." The therapist stated. "And what do you want?" And he does not come, and he does not come, and he does not come. And you just keep walking. "Father you left me. But I never left you. I needed you. But you didn't need me." ~ John wrote that song about his dad to show him how much his pain as the childhood tryst of separation from both his real mother and his birth father, left his soul damaged.

"It's a business concerning records..." explained John to the press later, and during business deals which he almost seem to birth from his evolving aura, for as his soul prospered more, so did he. Then as Apple Corp. born, and a more British film this somewhat fiction ~ Once John Lennon saw the live artist Yoko Ono through a glass window as she seated and a new project at the gallery. Although on his way to meet Bridget Bardot for the first time, he only thought and spoke of Ono. amidst a true vision of a statement he made. But really he meant to say that people watch television more than they care about Jesus Christ. Instead of criticism for that statement, just as disappointed as John about that failed meeting, no one should fault the imaginate for that though. "Other people like to pin a star," said Yoko. "What else is crucifiction?" Almost stated John. "I'm thinking about acorns.""Just thinking about them." Said the friend of John about the statement of Yoko for the design of her next art project. Of course, the major attraction of John for Yoko, her desire for peace and non-violence, and a real love that they have for each other to this very day.

I've got an island with a gypsy caravan on it. "We don't need it John. This is our island. This is our oasis." All coloured feathers at various and sundry moments as drift down as a way of comfort, a billion white balloons released by John & Yoko at the time of the time of the solvent marital union made by the two as one inspired John to write lyrics of one song to explain his love for his wife ~ My one destiny, after blue you came to me. As Yoko inspired John and at the release of the Beatle White Album, the dispensation of the all white art gallery exhibit, both John and Yoko wore white to predicate the first release of the Beatles on the Apple label. "She's not a Beatle." The group who had engineered the songs of John all along also erred on the side to accept Yoko. "Shut up, George," said John. And just as other persecutions of Yoko, her authentic kindness made such things so very difficult to understand. Growing up in Japan teaches a person much about war and peace. Her memory of living through that terrible war as a child, perhaps helped Yoko to make a song on tape during her mis-carriage of her baby. Then it almost seemed as if due to people who constantly sent a negative way of pressure her way, the measure to her over the as John referred to it as, an advertising campaign for peace. "But I've grown up, you obviously have not," John told the press only moments before the loss of among several of Yoko's miscarried children. And the difficulty which of Yoko to conceive and give birth, although the successful conception and birth and delivery of her present son, not at issue during the copy of this BBC film, still at the same time, the process of the story encaptualizes the exploration of John for pandemonium as opposed to peace, to stop the halls of evil.

As the 50th Anniversary of Hard Day's Night loomed on the horizon the past year, Paul McCartney went around the world with a name of the concert, the same as the 1960 Cannes style black and white diamond which first launched the band. Young women swooned and passed out, afflicted by a huge drama of heavy infatuation over The Beatles, a first band of a pop kind for the day. And the personalities of each of the boys although so very different, the way of the original songs and things they said to the media and other everyday others, the candid style of soft-spoken young men, a delight just to watch. "An artist has to destroy as well as create," spoke John. And said better than most whose literary disposition for the tears of others, such as the one tear of Yoko to hold her own child, John put his finger tip on a drop of an ocean of pain that only the taped screams of the couple express to this day.

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