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Lennon Auction, Possible Glastonbury Ban for Metallica

Original drawings and poems that were created by John Lennon are about to go to the auction block.

Coming from the late musician’s two acclaimed books In His Own Write and A Spaniard in the Works, the works were owned by a British publisher name Tom Maschler for a half century, and is now offering the works for sale at Sotheby’s on Wednesday. According to the auction house, it is the largest private collection of Lennon’s work to come to the market, and prices could range from $500 to $70,000.

Among the highlights includes a cartoon of a boy with six birds, which were used as the covered for the Beatles’ song “Free as a Bird”, which was written back in 1977, then recorded by the three surviving members (prior to the passing of one of them) in 1995. Other highlights includes a nine-page manuscript of a Sherlock Holmes parody called the Singularge Experience of Miss Anne Duffield, and a poem titled the Fat Budgie. No word on when the auction is expected to take place.

In other music news, animal rights activists have recently launched an online petition in banning Metallica from headlining the upcoming Glastonbury festival in England. The matter is over frontman James Hetfield’s love of hunting, and for an upcoming TV series on the history channel, which chronicles bear hunting and is narrated by Hetfield.

In the Facebook post accompanying the petition, it reads that Hetfield’s support of big-game hunting is “incompatible with the spirit of Glastonbury, and brings its good name into disrepute (or decline in good reputation)”. The page administrator also adds that the page was about raising awareness, of what appears to be a large number of disapproval of big game hunting. The page has already receivd over 10,000 likes. Meanwhile, Hetfield’s new show The Hunt premieres on June 14th on the History channel.

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