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Lending a hand and meeting needs

The small but mighty crew of "Helping Hands" from Pilsung ATA Martial Arts
The small but mighty crew of "Helping Hands" from Pilsung ATA Martial Arts
Pilsung ATA Martial Arts

Saturday morning, March 29, fifteen dedicated martial arts students from Pilsung ATA Martial Arts of Greenwood were in the right place at the right time to make a real difference. Their plan was to spend their morning lending a hand to those who need a little help. This trip, one of many taken by most of these students, to The Lord's Pantry in Indianapolis was to be something different for the group. They were to learn what it means to meet the needs of our world in a very powerful way.

The group arrived as they normally do, just before 9 am to help the staff of The Lord's Pantry set up their facility. They jumped right in helping to set up tables as well as receive and organize the food being donated by local groceries and businesses. A strenuous process, the group was warm despite the rain and 38 degree temperatures. After everything was set in place the staff of the pantry called all volunteers together for a quick prayer and pep talk in preparation for the arrival of the families seeking assistance. This is when the mission changed for two of the students from Pilsung and the lesson for all present was to become more powerful.

One young lady, a volunteer from another organization, began to have health issues. As the group was talking and making final preparations to open the doors she fell ill and "bumped" into Mr. Ryan Core from Pilsung. He caught her and helped her remain standing until the pantry staff and Mr. Shawn Champ, also from Pilsung, could get her a chair and safely seated. Mr. Champ and Mr. Core then stayed with the young lady and helped staff members administer first aid and contact the young ladies parents. It turned out that the young lady was anemic and had failed to eat well or take her iron pill that morning, causing her to become weak and nearly pass out. Eventually they were able to help her regain some of her strength and leave under her own power with her mother.

It was an exciting way to start the morning of service to others for the group and the two gentlemen from Pilsung went above and beyond to help all who needed it. Everyone saw the real impact we can each have on those around us, even when it was not part of our "plans". For the morning The Lord's Pantry served the needs of just at 200 families, providing bags of food that will help feed them for days. A great day for all involved.