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Lendego brings peer to peer giving to Atlanta


With the holidays just around the corner, Lendego, a national, grassroots, start up nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, will officially begin connecting those who want to give with those in need, with its peer to peer giving program. Lendego is an online giving site in which individuals or teams that would like to help others are connected with individuals, families, groups, or organizations in need.

Individuals or families struggling with difficult circumstances can contact Lendego for various levels of financial assistance. Recipients can post a need themselves or be submitted by a “sponsor” -- family members, a friend, church, employer or another nonprofit that is working to help meet the individual's need. After the need is verified by Lendego staff, their story is posted at; where givers can browse all the needs and select those for which they wish to help. Givers can give the amount they choose to each recipient. Once the need is met, Lendego disburses the funds directly to the family or individual in need.

In the current economy, everyday families are struggling with job losses, health issues, natural disasters like the recent Atlanta floods or any number of circumstances. There are also people who are fortunate to have not experienced any personal disasters in our current times. Lendego exemplifies virtual giving by connecting these two groups.

Lendego empowers its donors to choose the individuals, families, groups or organization they want to help. Powered by givers, Lendego positively impacts the lives of real people with real needs. The organization is currently preparing for a holiday drive partnership with several retailers for a matching in-kind donation program for holiday meals and gifts for those in need.

Dennis Hodges, Executive Director, developed the idea for Lendego after a mission trip to Honduras in 2007. With his 20 years of financial services experience, in banking and investment and in residential real estate, he is working to propel the organization to the next level.

To learn more about Lendego, to post a need, to help someone in need or to donate to Lendego or learn more about its upcoming fundraisers and special events, visit or call 678-614-7000.