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Lena Dunham makeover: Actress has a new platinum blonde bowl cut

Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham
Instagram Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is shocking her fans with her new hair. This gorgeous actress decided to do something totally different and nobody is sure how they feel about it. She actually shared the photo of her new platinum blonde bowl cut on Instagram. On Sunday, US Magazine shared about her new haircut and color.

She had on a shirt that said "Demons." Along with the photo, Lena posted the caption that simply said "change is good." This actress didn't explain at all about what is going on with her or why she chose to do this haircut. It could be for a role or it might just be something that she thought would be fun to do.

Lena just finished up filming season four of her hit show "Girl." It is unknown when it will start airing on HBO, but she is done filming it. This is just the perfect time for Lena Dunham to try out a new haircut and color. She will have time to actually fix it before the show starts filming again if they want her to have her hair back to normal. They might decide to let her keep it though. You just never know what will happen.

People shared how Lena Dunham also did the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge. She had the blonde hair when she did it. The bucket she poured on her head was really cold because she screamed out as the cold water hit her. This proves that it is not just a blonde wig that she is messing around with and trying to tease her fans. It is obviously her real hair and she is loving it! Lena Dunham looks great with this new haircut and fans are excited to see if she keeps it or decides to change it up again.