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Lemons and lemon water can lower blood sugar in diabetics

Drink lemon juice to lower blood sugar in diabetics
Drink lemon juice to lower blood sugar in diabetics

Many people have discovered that lemon and lemon water can help lower blood sugar in diabetes. In fact, some people have reported that lemons have helped cure their diabetes. Lemons to a diabetic is really a miracle from Mother Nature. Therefore, lemons should be an important staple in every diabetic's diet.

Lemons have been known to cure diabetes in some patients in about six months of drinking eating lemon juice over their foods and drinking lemon water. Research has shown that lemons lower the glycemic index of any food it is added to. The drop in a diabetic's blood sugar level is very significant.

A lemon is a super food for diabetics, according to the American Diabetes Association. We all know that oranges are a source of vitamin C. The lemon is the orange's citrus cousin and has twice as much vitamin C as an orange. Most people don't realize it, but vitamin C is an extremely powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C in lemons has important benefits to the diabetic. For example, it increases the production of collagen which strengthens blood vessels. This is key since many diabetics have problems with circulation and arterial damage.

Most diabetics have impaired digestive enzymes and lowered acidity in the stomach. This means that they don't always reap the full benefit from the nutritious food they eat. Lemons go a long way toward curing this problem because they aid in repairing digestion.

There are several ways to get your daily doses of lemons without making much effort. First of all, you can add a little squeeze of fresh lemon juice over your food. This will instantly lower the glycemic index of your meal. Best of all, lemon is such an excellent flavor enhancer that makes many foods taste better too. You can add a squeeze of fresh lemon to a hot bowl of soup, casseroles, goulashes, almost any kind of salad including salads containing fruit, and sauteed vegetables especially greens. Anything with chicken or fish tastes especially good with lemon. It is best to add the fresh lemon right before you eat the food instead of adding it to foods during the cooking process. If you cook lemon juice in soup, it can become a little bitter and the health benefits won't be quite as great.

A glass of lemon water is the perfect way for a diabetic to start the day. It works more effectively if the water is hot. Having a glass of lemon juice is much better than having a cup of coffee.

Making lemon water is very easy. Just squeeze the juice from a lemon into a glass of water, swirl it around a little, and drink it. Do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach before you have your coffee or breakfast.

The soluble fiber found in the peels, juice and pulp of lemons might help you better manage your diabetes health. So eat the lemon peel, juice and pulp for maximum benefits. Soluble fiber might help stabilize your blood glucose levels by helping to slow down your body's absorption of sugar into your bloodstream.

The best lemon recipes that involve lemons include the skin, juice and pulp of the fruit. Try preparing a lemon vinaigrette dressing for your salads. Use fresh lemon juice with pulp, lemon zest, vinegar, olive oil and pepper, or try preparing a lemon dill sauce for salmon. Simple, everyday options include adding fresh lemon juice with pulp and lemon zest to ice water, iced tea, low-fat cottage cheese or low-fat plain yogurt.

Personal testimony from this writer who is a diabetic: She came across the benefits of lemon water by accident. She squeezes lemon juice in a bottle of water and keeps it in her purse. Whenever she feels a tickle in her throat or a cough coming on, she sips lemon water throughout the day. She was sipping the lemon water to help with her cough, but without her knowing it, the lemon water was keeping her blood sugar within range. Fresh lemons are best, but you can also buy lemon juice in the bottle or in that container that looks like a lemon from the produce section of your grocery store. If you prefer not drinking lemon water, squirt lemon juice directly into your mouth during the day.

Try drinking lemon juice for a few days to see if it works for you as it has for others.

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