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Lemonade Limeade

Cool Summer Sipping

Cool summer drinks for that hot summer day. Fresh made lemonade is a good refreshing drink that mostly anyone would enjoy. Lemons are healthy for you and contain vitamin C. Lemons are used to make lemonade and as a garnish. Lemons are added to soft drinks and tea. Below is a simple recipe on how to make fresh lemonade. The perfect drink for kids in the summer.

Lemons are also used for cooking. They may be used for a flovoring in candy and cookies. Fish and meat can be marinated in lemon juice. Lemon juice can act as a meat tenderizer. Lemons are used to make pies, cakes, puddings, and many other desserts. I love to add lemon to my tea. I also squeeze lemon on my fried catfish. The best dessert I believe is the lemon pie. Lemon sherbert is delicious. Lemons are also used for deodorizing, and removing grease.

Lemons can be used to clean and brighten copper. Lemon cleaning the kitchen is wonderful and leaves a fresh scent. Lemon oil can be used to clean wood. The lemon tree is known to grow as high as 20 feet. Lemons trees grow in dry and humid regions and can even grow in poor quality soil. Florida lemons are in season from July to October. The lemons that are exported from Florida must be treaed because of the fruit fly. Lemons are grown in India, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, United States, China, Turkey, Italy, Iran, and Argentina.

Limes are very much like lemons only they are green and smaller. They also cantain vitamin C and are pretty much used for cooking, and drinks. Limes are used to garnish also. They are used for mixed drinks. Limes are a common ingredient in Mexican and American dishes. With sunlight lime is known to make your hair lighter. Lime is also used in perfumes and cleaning. Limes are produced in the same countries as lemons. In some parts of the world lime leaves are used as a herb. Limes also contain carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and water. Lemons and limes both have many uses and they both contain vitamin C which is good for you. There are millions of good uses for both of these fruits.


6 lemons

5 cups of water

1 cup of sugar


1. Mix sugar and water until the sugar is dissolved.

2. Squeeze the lemons until you have about one cup of juice.

3. Mix juice with the water and sugar all in one big pitcher.

Serve over ice with sliced lemons.

Serves 6.

To make limeade use the recipe above. Just substitute the limes in place of the lemons

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