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Lemonade Ladies

Support for women
Support for women

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take….

That was the prayer we said as children, but we are women now, many of us can’t sleep, we have given our soul away, and we have days we would rather not wake up and face the challenges ahead of us…

That is what Lemonade Ladies is about, a new support group for women. The goal of this group will be a place to find understanding, compassion, and respect by sharing our triumphs and our failures. We will work on healing the psychological cuts that have weakened our self-esteem.

Lemonade Ladies is about being heard, bringing healing to each other, petitioning for new laws, and changing damaging thought patterns. Brave women before us, got us the right to vote. Who knows what Lemonade Ladies, can do and will do; as we listen to stories, heartaches, and healing. The answer will be made clear, as we meet, discuss, and learn, what we need to change about society and ideas regarding women in this new century.

At each meeting we will share our personal stories, we will learn to be peaceful, we will become more educated regarding life, and we will express our creativity.

Lemonade Ladies will not be able to give the answers or tell you what to do, but we can learn from each other, listen to other’s solutions or mistakes, draw our own conclusions, and discuss them. If our confidence has been damaged, we will learn how to take back what we have lost, piece by piece, friendship by friendship.

If you feel like you are crazy for thinking the thoughts you do, we will dig in and find out why. We will go on a journey to find emotional peace, to embrace our creative gifts and to share our visions of the life we see for ourselves. In Lemonade Ladies, we can dream big, and we can believe in miracles.

If you are sad, unsure, broken, tired, scared, confused, and looking for some relief, join the Lemonade Ladies. Our first meeting will be an experiment to see if there is a need and a want for such a group in our town. As of this writing I have found nothing like the vision, my friends and I hold for Lemonade Ladies. My psychologist in OKC, told me there is nothing in OKC like Lemonade Ladies, and she is excited to see what happens. If you want to be a pioneer of something that is going to go national, and help so many, please attend our experimental meeting.

The Lemonade Ladies is designed to be a support group, not a professional therapeutic group. Due to the sharing of personal stories and discussions of sexual situations, including rape, the meetings will be adult only. Lemonade Ladies will have a Facebook page soon.

When: Wednesday: April 23rd
Where: 2017 WindMill (Heritage Hills) Enid, Ok
Time: 6 p.m.
Bring: An open heart, a pen and paper, and hope
Questions: Call Shelley Stutchman: 580-603-1372
Linda Pope: 580-684-7775
Or Private Message: Dena Wise Patterson via Facebook.

Of course there will be Lemonade to drink!

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