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Lemonade Ladies… Power… by Kathrin House

I took my power back
Katrin House

Kathrin House is one of those remarkable women who despite all odds, turns out to be the most gracious, and caring women you will ever know. She has survived childhood sexual abuse, spousal abuse, the murders of two of her family members, a brother’s suicide, and more. Kathrin has had her ups and downs when dealing with these brutal life events, but as she says in her poem, she is a survivor, and she did not let these things destroy her.

In her poem, she shares how she has worked hard to heal from the things that were done to her. She has a strong voice in this poem as she stands up for herself, and will not let other people destroy her. Her poem deals with matters of trust. When trust is broken, it can shatter a person’s world. Her poetry reflects how she takes away the power of those that have stepped on her, and she takes her POWER back, rising above the snakes in the grass, who wronged her, leaving them to slither into their own slimy world. She becomes free and flies.

With every painful event in your life, once you survive it; you convert that pain into even more power than you had before. One of the fastest ways to regain your power is to give your-self positive affirmations. No matter how much therapy you have, how many self-help books you read, how many hours you spend with your life-coach, or the huge amounts of ice cream you eat straight from the carton; until you believe in yourself; you are letting others have your power. Most of us do not have all the brutal things happen to us that Kathrin did, yet with a lot of help, a lot of friends, and a lot of work, Kathrin reclaimed her power, her potential, and her authority. She is a blessing to others as she restores hope in their lives; to help them in their journey forward.


By Kathrin House

Today, I started healing, you thought you had defeated me.
You took away my power, you hurt me in more ways than I could have ever imagined.
I thought you cared, we had shared so much, a person I could trust.
You are nothing, you are insignificant and small.
Why didn't I realize this earlier?
I have survived you, I am a Survivor, I am a strong,
Intelligent, loving and caring.
I took my power back, You can no longer hurt me with your words or actions.
I am free of you and you still live in your small little cage like a frightened
Look who has the power now, me the person you chose to hurt and humiliate.
I won, you lost!

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