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Lemonade Ladies Phase 2

I no longer have to bear my struggles in silence.”

“Thank you. Lemonade Ladies is a blessing. I found out other women are going through some of the same things I am. It feels good to know I am not the only one, and I am not crazy. I no longer have to bear my struggles in silence.”

The quote above is the heartfelt sentiment which many women who come to this support group have shared.

The first Lemonade Ladies was held in April, 2014. It started out as an experiment to see if there was a need, or a desire for it. A dozen ladies showed up to that first meeting. The meeting was powerful, as these brave ladies shared their stories, and their tears. After the meeting ended, the ladies stayed to mingle, the evening turned into laughter, and hugs. One lady said, “I feel like I have a dozen new friends.”

Lemonade Ladies is a support group for women over 40. It is a place to come and find understanding, respect, compassion, and acceptance. Meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. At each meeting, there is a presentation that is geared to helping us grow and heal.

Our numbers have doubled since that first experimental meeting in April. We have received hundreds of emails, and private messages from women who discovered us via our Facebook page. Women across the nation, and internationally, are drawn to us, looking for a support group. The ladies who do not live in Enid, Oklahoma, we include through our Facebook page. They become part of us as they share their stories. We have travel plans to go to Fort Worth, Texas, and start a group. The requests continue to pour in for us to establish groups in towns, and cities all over the nation. We are working on a way to make that a reality.

As we grow in numbers, we plan to take on the task, of creating change in the medical field regarding mental health for women over 40. One of our first goals is to petition for increased Medicare coverage. Currently, Medicare coverage of mental health and behavioral health benefits is not as extensive as coverage for other services.

We plan to work with the medical field, by proving there is a need for mental health hospitals, specifically designed for women between the age of 40 and 75. We do not belong in the youth wards, or geriatric psych units. Both have their place, but they are not the right environment for women of our time of life.

We have learned some doctors are not sympathetic or understanding of the sensitive needs of women our age. Some treat our emotional and mental health needs, as if it is something that can be cured with a pill and move on; next patient please. We will formulate a strategy to find a way to get those doctors to understand our needs, and make appropriate decisions to help us heal. We hope someday they will see the power of our support group, and add Lemonade Ladies, as a suggestion to their patients, needing our encouragement. We are designed to be a support group, not a professional therapeutic group. We are a gathering of friends; loving, caring, and supporting each other. Sometimes that is what is needed more than a pill.

The power, and the need of Lemonade Ladies has been proven to us; it has taken on a life bigger than we are. It is exploding in size, and requests continue to pour in for us to help start other Lemonade Ladies groups. We have speakers, calling us wanting to help with their knowledge. We have presentations booked until the last Wednesday of February, 2015. We have been a feature story in our local newspaper. We plan to catch the attention of some talk shows, and spread the word about Lemonade Ladies, and how we are changing the lives of women for the better.

September 10th, 2014 we will have Senator Connie Johnson, talk to us about women’s issues. She is also running for U.S. Senate. She understands the importance and impact; grass-root groups like Lemonade Ladies are to people individually, and to our nation.

Our Phase 2 goals consist of the following:

· To incorporate

· U-tube

· To provide training courses

· To develop a web-site.

We have plans for Phase 3, which will be shared when we complete stage 2.

Below is a list of topics and dates of our future meetings. Please join us in person, or by our Facebook page. Meetings are held at 2017 WindMill Lane, Enid, Ok. If you have questions or would like to be a speaker, call Shelley Stutchman: 580-603-1372: Linda Pope: 580-684-7775: Or Private Message via Facebook to Dena Wise Patterson: or contact us by email at:

July 9th....Tasting Party by Treva

July 9th… Menopause and Depression.. by Therapist Shay Amon

July 23rd...Poetry Poet Dan Frisby

August 13th…Why men can be Dr. TA Jones

August 27...QPR-Suicide Prevention… by Dena Wise-Patterson

September 10th... "Women's Issues of the 21st Century"… by Senator Connie Johnson

September 24th…Women’s author…by Shalonda Kearney

October 8th….Energy Healing…by Margie Meibergen

October 22nd…Healing Oils…by Diane Dillingham

November 12th…"Stress Free Holidays in the Making - The How-to Guide… Lura J. Owen

November 26th… TBA

December 10th….Waiting on conformation from the presenter

December 24th…No meeting

January 14th…”There Are No Broken People”… by Lura J. Owen

January 28th….. TBA… by Pastor Linda Pope

February 11th….Exercise to help relieve depression…by Paula Yoder

Please like us on our Facebook page.

At each meeting, there is a never-ending supply of support, friendship, and lemonade.



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