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Lemonade Ladies and Christy

One person at a time is how my world will grow
Shelley Stutchman

The original poetry shared at the Lemonade Ladies poetry meeting is a gift to the world; it is powerful and meaningful. So many women revealed their hearts in the verses they wrote. Poetry and Lemonade Ladies are two things that can help heal the emotional pain we deal with. We hope some of the raw honesty in these poems will touch you, and bring you some peace in knowing other women are feeling some of the same things as deeply as you.

Poetry is healing because it allows the writer and the reader to feel power from the words on paper. Poetry reflects life experiences. The writing of poetry is therapeutic because it can let the author see exactly how they feel. Our voices are saturated with our authentic self. Have you ever found yourself naturally turning to writing poetry when you were going through an emotional crisis? You experience this need to write because it is the brains natural way to help you make sense of things and heal. We can find comfort and relief in poetry. Some people are afraid to write because of a bad experience in school, throw that fear away, poetry is yours, not a text book telling you how to write it.

Lemonade Lady, Christy Arnold, is a highly educated woman who did it on her own. As a young child and teenager, she had to eat out of garbage cans to survive. She lived on the streets, but instead of feeling sorry for herself, she had the strength to rise above all the things against her, get a college education, and live a productive life. Like all of us, she has some scars from her past. Her poem reflects the days we all have in which we think; life is too hard and too much trouble; those days in which we feel it is easier to do nothing than to face the world. Her poem certainly rings a bell when she talks about leaving phone messages, reaching out, but no call is returned. She ends showing us the importance of getting out of that chair one more time, because we may just cause a change to make a better day for someone else.

Lemonade Ladies

July 1, 2014

Christy Arnold

I believe the problem is the lack of opportunity; but I don’t get out of my chair.

I believe the problem is too much responsibility; as I pour another cup of coffee.

I believe I have potential; but I don’t bother to get dressed.

I know I have a hobby; it’s clearly collecting more crafts, hoarding them in the corner in a jumbled mess.

I’m tired of calling and leaving messages everyone seems too busy to call me back.

The world seems to pass me by. I really am tired, tired of trying.

Tonight, I’ll try one more time, Lemonade Ladies seems to be a group of people just like me.

I’ll get dressed and offer to listen; while I have some great snacks and other concession.

Maybe, I’ll make a friend or even make a difference. One person at a time is how my world will grow.

Too bad I can’t take this group home; because that easy chair seems to be my throne

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