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Lemonade Day, opportunity for real world experience

Lemonade Day
Lemonade Day

You've probably set one up as a kid. You made sure you had a nice, sturdy table and a couple of chairs. Your sister or brother slapped together a sign, and your mom helped you create the most delicious lemonade anyone has ever had on your block. Who knew that those innocent lemons were actually teaching you something?

Well, that's the message behind Lemonade Day.

What better way to understand money than to go back to the simple yet effective lemonade stand? You've got your inventory of lemons, sugar, cups, ice cubes, and napkins. A nice "storefront sign." And a little shoebox for making change. You know, for when you're just starting out. And, if you're really passionate, homemade cookies and brownies for a little extra cash.

Organizers of Lemonade Day enthusiastically work with thousands of children and young adults, ages 3-18, to help them gain an understanding of how businesses work. Founder Michael Holthouse had a desire to empower the youth with real-life skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. That was back in 2007. He has inspired children all across the country to appreciate the value of hard work, making money, and giving back.

Lemonade Day will be held on Saturday, June 8th in Detroit. More than 50,000 children are expected to participate, inspiring support from local residents and local sponsor, Huntington Bank.

With Google as one of their national partners, Lemonade Day is expected to reach more than one million kids across 100 American cities.

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