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Lemonade Day activities for preschoolers

Lemonade Day is almost here and thousands of young entrepreneurs around the country will be setting up their lemonade businesses. From setting goals to making a business plan to selling a product and determining how to spend their earnings, boys and girls will be learning just what it takes to work hard and achieve the satisfaction of a job well done. Those young business owners, though, may have younger siblings who want to get in on the action.

Lemon-related activities for preschoolers
liz west/WikiCommons

Preschool-aged children can certainly take part in assisting their mentors in the Lemonade Day business venture, however, Mom and Dad might want to consider some of the following activities for preschoolers to take part in on Lemonade Day. Keeping the younger kids out of the way of the older children will make things run more smoothly for everyone involved.

Counting the lemons needed to produce all those gallons of a refreshing beverage is one of the simplest activities three-, four- and five-year-olds can take part in. Whether it's seeing how high they can count to grouping the lemons by fives and tens, this is an easy way to keep little ones busy for a while.

Squeezing the lemons is another activity perfect for little hands. Whether with a press, a traditional juicer or just by hand, this is a task that everyone can get in on. See who can squeeze the most juice, which method yields the greatest quantity or who can squeeze the juice without getting seeds in the pitcher.

When all those lemons have been squeezed, but before relegating the pulpy mess to the compost pile, why not let the kids experiment with them? Will the squeezed lemons sink or float when placed in water? What about using some cotton swabs moistened with a bit of lemon juice to write and draw pictures on a white piece of paper? Set them in a hot and sunny window to dry and reveal the images!

Lemon seeds are another great resource to keep preschoolers occupied. Don't throw them out! They can be counted, planted, used in art projects or tossed in the compost pile. Talk about what letter lemon starts with and have kids glue the seeds onto a sheet of paper in the shape of the letter "L."

Lemon-scented playdough is another fun item to have around on Lemonade Day. Learn, Play, Imagine has a great recipe for making lemonade playdough.

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