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Leland Yee should be tried for treason

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California State Senator Leland Yee, who has been arrested on charges of conspiracy to traffic weapons on the international market, should be tried for treason, as this commentator sees it. Yee, who represents parts of San Francisco and San Mateo County, attempted to sell several deadly assault weapons and automatic weapons and one missile to an undercover federal agent. In contemplating this case, one should think not only of the attempted sale, but also should think of the implications of how those weapons could have been used.

When Yee attempted this sale, he did not know who was going to end up with those weapons, how they would be used, or who the intended victims potentially could have been. For all he knew, these weapons could have been used against Americans abroad, against Israel, or against American citizens at home.

And what about the missile? That is a weapon of mass destruction that is capable of killing up to thousands of people at one time. Yee had no idea how, where, or on whom that missile could have been used. For all he knew, it could have ended up being used against American troops in Afghanistan, one of America's allied nations, or against American citizens at home and abroad.

No matter who the intended victims were or when and where the weapons would have been used, there is no doubt that Yee was co-horting with the enemy and that is tantamount to treason.

This case involves a lot more than what is seen on the surface. The ramifications go much further than the sale of weapons to an undercover federal agent. Yee was willing to sell out his country, his friends, his colleagues in the State Senate and his constituents for a $5,000 pay off for his campaign for Secretary of State. The horrific ramifications of these actions mandate that the charges be upgraded to treason with the appropriate maximum penalties upon conviction.