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Leland Yee: Anti-gun state senator arrested in conspiracy to traffic firearms

The FBI arrested Leland Yee, an anti-gun California state senator, this morning on corruption charges. He was taken to the Phillip Burton Federal Building in San Francisco after a predawn raid. According to the San Francisco Chronicle on Mar. 26, the raids were orchestrated and coordinated with the arrests of former San Francisco gangster Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow and Keith Jackson, a political consultant.

Leland Yee: Anti-gun state senator arrested in conspiracy to traffic firearms.
cc Wikimedia Commons

Sources told The Chronicle that the predawn raids, carried out by hundreds of agents from the FBI and the IRS as well as local police officers, stemmed from a fatal shooting about five years ago.

Leland Yee is currently running for California secretary of state and is a representative of San Francisco and part of San Mateo County. Both Yee and Chow are expected to appear in front of a U.S. magistrate Judge today.

According to a federal complaint Leland Yee is accused of corruption and conspiracy to traffic firearms among other charges. If found guilty, Lee could be looking at 125 years in prison.

The FBI searched at least five different locations during the early morning raids. Three were in San Francisco, one in San Mateo and the other in Sacramento.

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