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Leighton Cubbage praises Clemson’s coaching as an example for entrepreneurs

Leighton Cubbage prepares for Successful Entrepreneurship 2014
Leighton Cubbage prepares for Successful Entrepreneurship 2014
Kirk Gollwitzer

Leighton Cubbage of Serrus Capital Partners said during an interview today that the leadership qualities within Clemson University’s football program are outstanding and should be considered by the business community. Cubbage said that the statistics Clemson is posting with regard to graduating athletes while putting more NFL players on the field is due to the leadership quality of Dabo Swinney and should serve as a model for successful entrepreneurial leadership in Greenville.

Dabo Swinney is a servant leader and a man who cares about his players and Clemson’s success both on the field and in the classroom,” said Cubbage. Cubbage said that the successful leadership qualities at Clemson will be thematic during his upcoming Successful Entrepreneurship program scheduled to begin later this month.

According to Clemson reports, during the 2012-13 academic year, Clemson was ranked in the top-25 by the U.S. News & World Report for teachers, coaches and students working together on a common goal of graduating players, winning games and moving on to the NFL.

Cubbage is a member of a select group of business leaders who have put together a program called Successful Entrepreneurship and he is convinced that this year’s event will be better than the last two. Now in its third year, the education and guidance program targeted at entrepreneurs, both young and old, is already filling up with attendees. Cubbage is a high-speed, local business icon who is both approachable and overflowing with excitement. He brings a wealth of interesting stories, ranging from his days in the trenches selling pizzas to make ends meet, to bringing about one of the most successful telecom businesses in the country. Cubbage believes that his stories, along his friends, will be invaluable to those starting out on an entrepreneurial playing field.

In an interview with the former co-founder of Corporate Telemanagement Group and current Co-Founder at Serrus Capital Partners, Cubbage said that he believes in the golden-rule of giving back to those starting out. Cubbage is known for his experience on the business playing field of entrepreneurship with the scars to prove it. He said that he strongly believes that his collection of successful entrepreneurs that range from a local advertising mogul to a football player, Navy Seal - war hero and local entertainer, will make an impact on those attending the 2014 class of Successful Entrepreneurship in a big way.

The program beginning on August 26th will run for several weeks and will cover business topics ranging from qualifying business opportunities to early stage funding strategies, accounting practices, and weathering the bumps and grinds of the pursuit of profits. “The key to success is not to simply repeat the word passion over-and-over 40 times, it’s about never giving up on your goals,” said Cubbage. “I also think anybody who thinks they are just too cool to help others starting out---is an idiot,” concluded Cubbage.

Cubbage said that each session will include noteworthy entrepreneurs that will share their own life and business lessons. The floor will then be opened for Q&A so that those attending can ask questions pertaining to their own business circumstances. Cubbage said, “the upstate region, which include Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, and Western North Carolina is a powerhouse region exploding in growth and it is up to us to do whatever we can to help others succeed.”

Successful Entrepreneurship 2014 SPEAKERS include:

Leighton Cubbage - Serrus Capital Partners

Margaret Jenkins - Margaret Jenkins and Associates

John Warner - Innoventure

Dan Sterling - Green Cloud Technologies

Edwin McCain - Singer/Songwriter

Curtis Harper - Transworld Business Advisors

Richard Davis - Trademark Properties and formerly of Flip This House

Raven Magwood - Author and Motivational Speaker

Sharon Day - Sales Activation Group

Phil Yanov - Tech After 5

Steve Caldwell - Author and Speaker

Sarah Anderson - Attorney, Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough

Jeff Bostic - Former Washington Redskin football player

Art Seaver - Southern First Bank

Mark Johnston - Upstate Business Journal

Ray Lattimore - Marketplace Staffing

Jane Robelot - CarolinaZoom Productions

Toby Stansell - Acumen IT

Steve Townes - Ranger Aerospace

Joe Erwin - Erwin Penland

Steve Mudge - Serrus Capital Partners

Randy Dobbs - Matrix Medical Network

Thom Shea – Author and Navy Seal

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