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LehrerDance Gains International Status

Jon Lehrer graced the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine in 2007 when his dance company, LehrerDance, first formed. Flash forward five years and the Buffalo-based company has not only performed all over the United States, but booked two international tours.


“It still blows my mind that we were asked to perform in Europe and Russia,” Lehrer said. “Typically it takes a company a minimum of 15-20 years to have the chance to be international, and we did it in five. We’re extremely lucky to have these opportunities.”

Lehrer received an email in August from the Department of Cultural Affairs in Vladivostok, Russia, inviting them to perform. “The committee wants to expose the Russians to the best in American dance,” said Lehrer, who will bring his company to Vladivostok at Christmastime. “I couldn’t believe it when we were asked. I want LehrerDance to be considered a true American dance company and this is helping us get there.”

LehrerDance’s second international tour will take them to Central Europe in November 2013. “I have been on this tour before with Giordano Dance Chicago,” Lehrer said. “After keeping their eyes on LehrerDance for the past five years, the booking agency felt we were ready for the tour and invited us to perform! It’s exciting to have my dancers experience what I did in my prime as a dancer.”

The LehrerDance style and company members are what make them unique. Lehrer is the company’s only choreographer, creating a signature look and style. “We’re developing this organic-athleticism style,” he continued. “It’s the approach, fluidity, and mindset of modern dance combined with the pure, athletic dynamics and accessibility of jazz dance.”

The company members have had many years performing this style. Four of the eight company members have been in LehrerDance since day one, the other four being in the company for three years.

“The dancers need to be committed and believe in the style for it to be cultivated and grow,” Lehrer said. “My dancers have allowed me to continually look for new ways to express myself and present the LehrerDance style. They all come from very different backgrounds of dance and I utilize their unique skills to keep the style fresh and evolving. My dancers will always play a huge part in the development of LehrerDance.”

LehrerDance is making its mark in the dance world, one step at a time. For up to date information on the company or their tours, visit their website or Facebook page.


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