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Lehigh Valley population is growing

The Lehigh Valley, which consists of both Lehigh and Northampton counties, is experiencing a population increase according to the latest monthly census data released.

Apparently, much of the population flow is coming from right across the Delaware River, because population in both Hunterdon and Warren counties in New Jersey are declining.

This is the third straight year that this trend has continued, as reported by the US Census Bureau. All four counties saw births outpace deaths, and the population trend appears to be tied directly to migrations; more people moving out of the New Jersey counties into the Pennsylvania region.

With higher property taxes in Jersey, and little business growth leading to employment stagnation more people are inclined to move. Meanwhile, the Lehigh Valley ranked number in two in the nation in attracting new business, Allentown has potentially a $1 billion in economic development on the table, and Bethlehem was just approved as a Community Revitalization and Improvement Zone.

By having many new large employers with steady job increases, reduced taxes and lower cost housing available, it is easier to see why citizens on the New Jersey side are looking across the river to the Lehigh Valley as the place to relocate.

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