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Lehigh Valley is third largest exporter in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, is in the top half of exporting states in the US, and the Lehigh Valley is one of the largest exporters in the state. In fact, the Valley ranks as the third largest exporter in the state.

While the US is one of the top exporting countries, only 1% of its companies actually do business overseas. Which is surprising considering that companies that export, not only see sales grow faster (revenue increases by 24% for mid-sized companies), but they create more jobs and are less likely to go out of business (bankruptcies decrease by 8.5% for exporters).

Another good reason for exporting; there is many opportunities for sales overseas. The biggest consumers in any market tend to be the middle class. China's middle class of 300 million is almost equal to the total population of the US, which is 317 million people.

According to the International Business Council of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, at a breakfast seminar on the subject, even the smallest business can reap the benefit from exporting. Any amount of good or services that can be sold internationally will prove beneficial and worth the effort.

Also, entering the marketplace may not be as difficult as companies assume, because 70% of domestic business is service-based, and sales of services can be much easier to accomplish overseas versus selling a product.

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