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Lehigh's growing entrepreneurial degree program

Four years ago, Lehigh University offered 142 undergraduates classes on entrepreneurship. Today they have over 500 students enrolled in 18 classes at the university on the subject.

Rather than teaching entrepreneurship, the school believes in creating an environment that fosters the entrepreneurial spirit.The university teaches entrepreneurship as a frame of mind and skill set that can be applied across all the other degree majors..

The first step is giving students a creative classrooms, like the Wilbur Powerhouse; a set of fishbowl like rooms where abstract ideas are brought to life. These includes using a 3D printer to create cardboard pieces that can be assembled into a dinosaur (a do-it-yourself project for kids) and fingertip markers that started as a way for the disabled to hold paint brushes.

Next, Lehigh connects the students with real life successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalist.The school sent students to and sponsors the LehighSilconValley 2014 conference in San Frisco, a week-long class in technology start-ups.

Finally, there is just a cultural shift away from the typical job market, with students and large companies seeing all the majority of new hot jobs being in start-up companies. Now students are seeking and many colleges are offering this type of education.

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