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Legos help David Beckham relax

Legos help David Beckham relax in his off time
Legos help David Beckham relax in his off time
Getty Images/ Matthew Lloyd

With all the pressure of being a mega soccer star and celebrity, sometimes David Beckham needs to combat some of the associated anxieties. According to the Guardian on Feb. 2, Beckham said he finds cooking therapeutic. But there’s another activity that also helps him relax: Playing with Legos.

He told the publication that he thinks of playing with Legos in the same vein as cooking, as a therapeutic experience. And he isn’t just dinking around with Duplos. Beckham said the last thing he built was Lego’s Tower Bridge. The set is recommended for builders over the age of 16 and contains 4,287 pieces.

However, he’s attempted larger brick masterpieces before. Another iconic location, Beckham has been attempting to build a Lego Taj Mahal. The kit, containing 5,900 pieces, is no longer sold by Lego and as such has become a collector’s item. He reportedly hasn’t finished it yet, but he’s got plenty of time as a retired man now.

In a Q&A with Yahoo! in 2010, Beckham revealed that he picked up the item when he had a lot of time on his hands in Milan.

For those who are surprised at an adult engaging in a child’s activity, there’s more to Lego than you might think. In fact, Top Gear’s Richard Hammond credited Lego models with helping him recover from a nearly fatal car crash in 2006. “Lego saved my life. It’s really good therapy for a brain injury, “ he said.

Do you find it strange that David Beckham turns to toys to relax?

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